Get bendy with yo’ bad self with our Rage Yoga! Harp sounds, sun salutations and lots of downward dogs can be therapeutic, but sometimes, we might crave a different path toward inner peace. This form of yoga incorporates the strength-building and flexibility-challenging poses you’re used to, with a playlist you’ll know and love (singing along encouraged!), an energetic vibe, some unusual mantras, and mayyyyyybe even an adult beverage, if you’re so inclined.

In addition to our signature, faster-moving Rage Yoga, we offer a chill, stretchy yacht-rock style, energizing brunch yoga, and even yin & meditation. Our yoga, paired with our emotional wellness-focused “4Ms of Daily Self-Care” presentation, has been part of virtual circles and corporate training sessions in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Corporate Events – Retreats – Bachelorette Parties – Birthday Parties – You Name It!